Dismissal Doors

Front Door
Kindergarten - Mrs. Longo

Kindergarten - Mrs. Warren

Miss McEvoy

Grade 1 - Miss Mingoia

Locust Avenue Side

Miss Layden

Grade 3 - Mrs. Heimall

Grade 3 - Mrs. Pelaez

Grade 4 - Miss Basile/Miss Swirz

Grade 4 - Miss Kulbaba

Middle School Side  
Grade 2 - Mrs. Connell/Mrs. Ortizio
Grade 2 - Miss Pask
Grade 5 - Mrs. Marino/Mrs. Trapanni
Grade 1 - Mrs. Erbeck    



Please mark your calendar! Back to School Night
Thursday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m.


Stay RG strong by eating healthy, exercising and reading at least twenty minutes every day!


Congratulations to Miss Basile
Robert Gordon's Teacher of the Year!






Send $5.00 in an envelope with your child' name and a magnet will be sent home to you.


Exciting News!  

Robert Gordon School is Proud to announce the following NJ ASK results:


Grade 3 - 10 students scored at the Advanced Proficient Level
Grade 4 - 10 students scored at the Advanced Proficient
Grade 5 - 16 students scored at the Advanced Proficient

Language Arts Literacy

Grade 4 - 2 students scored at the Advanced Proficient Level
Grade 5 - 7 students scored at the Advanced Proficient

     Congratulations to the students and their teachers for doing such  outstanding work.


Please make every effort to get your children to school on time.  All children should be here no later than 8:20 a.m. Every child should line up with their class and enter the building together.  Our day begins at 8:20.  Your son or daughter should not be running into school at 8:30.  This is not fair to your child, their teacher or the students in the class.  I thank you for your cooperation in getting your sons and daughters here before the 8:20 bell.


 The Teddy Bear is the official mascot of Robert Gordon School.  In 1909 when Robert Gordon School was built, Theodore Roosevelt was president of the United States of America.  His nickname was Teddy.  Legend has it that he once saved a bear cub.  A stuffed, toy bear was named after him.


  September 2014  
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