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The following are a few simple tips for a healthy, successful school year:

  • Please reinforce proper hand washing at home, including cleanliness of fingernails as bacteria may be harboring beneath tips.
  • Reinforce daily hygiene and appropriate use of deodorants and powders.
  • Have your child dress appropriately for the day’s weather.
  • Make sure your child gets at least eight hours of sleep nightly.
  • Keep your child home when they are sick.
  • At RG we encourage healthy eating habits and daily exercise.  Please be sure to provide your child a healthy breakfast and snack/lunch daily. Exercise not only helps to maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure, but also reduces stress, increases academic success and promotes good sleep habits. Please try to provide your child with opportunities for physical activity every day.
  • Lice prevention: You can reduce your child's risk of contracting lice. Never share personal items such as hairbrushes, pillows, hats, or caps. Check your child's scalp and hair frequently. If you suspect lice, contact your MD or pharmacist for recommended treatment and contact me so I can monitor the situation at school.  If lice are found on your child at RG, he/she will be sent home for treatment. Your child can return to school the day after treatment is begun and a parent note is required stating the name of the treatment used upon their return. The website has helpful info regarding lice.


    When is it time for my child to stay home?


    General Guidelines, can also be found the on the Roselle Park School district website:

  • Fever: A fever is considered an oral body temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The student should be fever free, without the use of fever reducing medications for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Vomiting: The student should remain home for 12-24 hours after the vomiting has subsided. If your child vomits prior to school, please keep child at home.
  • Common cold/cough: If symptoms are severe, or are interfering with the student’s ability to participate in the classroom, your child should stay home to rest and drink plenty of fluids.
    • Consult your private health care professional regarding the appropriate use of over the counter cold/cough medications to reduce the severity of the symptoms.
    • Consider sending in bottled water to aid your child in keeping their throat moist and lip balm to avoid dry, cracked, and bleeding lips.
    • Upon returning to school, reinforce hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes to minimize the spread of germs to friends.
  • Unexplained rash: Any rash, particularly one accompanied by a fever should be evaluated by either the pediatrician or dermatologist before returning to school. A medical note clearing the student for attendance in school should be brought to the nurse.
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye): Symptoms such as excessive drainage, severe redness and discomfort of the eyes should be evaluated by your health care professional to rule out the possibility of a viral or bacterial infection. A medical note clearing the student for attendance in school should be brought to the nurse.


*If your child requires medication in school the appropriate forms must be completed and medication provided in original pharmacy packaging. Forms can be downloaded from the website and are available in the Health Office. Medication WILL NOT be administered without MD orders and written parental consent.
*If your child has food allergies or any other health concerns, please contact me ASAP to discuss, in order to provide a safe environment for your child.
*Contact me directly with any health related information i.e. contagious illness, medication changes etc.
* A doctor's note is required to return to school if absent 3 or more days due to contagious illness.

*Casts, splints, crutches, sutures/glue, braces, wraps/ace bandages: A doctor’s note stating the diagnosis and necessary school precautions (such as date to return to physical activity, gym and recess) is needed for your child to come to school. All physical activity will be restricted until medically cleared.  

Please notify the school of ANY absence by calling the attendance line at 908-245-2285 and following the prompts. Be sure to include your child’s name, teacher, and reason for absence. The Health Office must be notified of any contagious illness and a doctor’s note is required for return to school.

As you know, kindergartners occasionally have bathroom accidents. In order to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment, please send in a change of clothes to remain in the classroom. Please include pants, underwear, and socks in a clear plastic bag, labeled with your child’s name. In addition, please review proper bathroom hygiene procedures with your child at home.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Ana Pereira, RN

Robert Gordon School Nurse

908-245-2285 Ext. 5104

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